Monday, June 4, 2007

Google Earth Link to JFK Terror Plot

There’s the old adage that any press is good press. Except when you’re connected to a foiled terrorist plot. Reports are linking the masterminds of the JFK Airport Terror Plot with Google Earth and aerial photographs downloaded from the online service.

But officials said the four men determined to carry out their attack, having conducted “precise and extensive” surveillance of the airport using photographs, video, the recollections of Mr. Defreitas and satellite images downloaded from Google Earth.
(Source: NY Times)

A Google Spokesperson responds, according to this CNET report, of any possible link:
"Google takes security concerns very seriously, and is always willing to discuss them with public agencies and officials. Our experience is that security concerns can best be addressed through dialog with the relevant governmental experts."

This isn’t the first time Google’s mapping products have been connected to negative press. You may recall speculation a few months ago that CNET Editor James Kim may have used Google Maps to receive ill-fated driving directions in Oregon.

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