Tuesday, October 26, 2010

KING-TV's "New Day Northwest" w/Margaret Larson: TV Tech - 26 October 2010 (KING-TV)

Logitech Harmony programmable remote controls ($50-250)
Dump the multiple remote controls for receivers, televisions, entertainment devices and simplify your life with one easy-to-use Logitech Harmony remote control. Easily programmable on your computer, these marriage-saving gadgets make using the various functions as easy as pressing the cleverly-named “Watch TV” button.

Slingbox ($180-300)
Take your television programming with you anywhere you are! Watch your home TV, live, over the Internet using software on your laptop or smartphone at the office or while on vacation. Imagine letting your kids watch the same television back home in the backseat of the car! Use with the free computer software or pick up a handy Sling Player app for your mobile device.

SlingPlayer Mobile ($30)
Used in conjunction with a standalone Slingbox, or with a compatible satellite receiver from DISH Network, the SlingPlayer Mobile takes your TV viewing experience on-the-go! Android, iPhone/iPod Touch, Blackberry and more phones are $30 each, a high-definition iPad version is “Coming Soon”.

Google TV / Logitech Revue ($179+)
This companion box to your DISH Networks receiver adds the web into your TV viewing mix. Look up information while watching TV, browse the latest in web videos, run apps designed to enhance your home entertainment experience, or listen to streaming radio—all using your television. It’s been tried before, but Google TV finally gets it right. Look for further convergence of the TV and Internet in the coming year.

DISH Network VIP 922 Slingloaded DVR
Everyone needs a DVR! The ability to pause live TV, record shows when you want, and –dare I say—skip commercials… if you’re not watching TV with a digital video recorder, this one has it all. It comes “Slingloaded” so you can watch your TV anywhere using the Slingplayer software on your computer or smartphone, but also has dual-tuner capability and the largest built-in hard drive available!

Apple TV ($99)
Forget trips to the video store—Apple TV brings HD movies and TV shows to your television via. the Internet. Watch Netflix, stream video clips from your local network, and “rent” movies and commercial-free TV shows for under a dollar an episode. This super-slick and tiny second-generation Apple TV requires an HDMI port on your television and connect via. WiFi or Ethernet cable to your network.

Westinghouse 32" TV ($350)
Great content requires a great television! The Westinghouse LED TVs have a brilliant display, energy-efficient LED technology (as opposed to LCD), and won’t bust the bank. When looking for a television, look for features such as number of inputs, consumer reviews, and manufacturer warranty.

Any tips for others on how YOU watch TV? What devices are an essential part of your home entertainment system?