Monday, November 5, 2007

Silence Pesky Cell Phone Users, Illegally.

The NY Times ran a story on cell phone jammers -- devices that block cell phone reception around them -- and the debate over their use is intriguing.

Make no mistake, use of these jamming devices is prohibited by federal law.

That doesn't stop commuters tired of hearing your conversation from pressing the power button on a portable device that will make you think you've traveled outside the coverage area.

Agree with the vigilante approach or not -- there are courtesies both side of the discussion could adopt:

  • Be considerate. Use your mobile phone only where you will not disturb others. The call may be important to you -- the rest of the cafe' may prioritize your discussion differently.
  • Think silent-mode The latest dance track that puts your feet into motion when your friend calls you? Others might prefer to smash your handset with their own feet.
  • Don't spoil the darkness Checking your text messages during a movie can be just a disruptive as answering a call. Avoid both.
  • Take it outside How many times have you been at a dinner table listening to half a conversation while one person at the table takes a call? Take it outside so the rest of the group can enjoy themselves.

Do you have other tips or cell phone courtesies? Pass them along!

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