Thursday, February 12, 2009

BMW's Media Twitter List: "The Ocho" Invades Twitter -- New Usernames to follow

The Portland-area Twitterati know @KGWNewsChannel8, @TheSquare and @StephStricklen from local NBC-affiliate KGW Newschannel 8. Well get ready Twitter users, a flood of folks from "The Ocho" joined Twitter last night. Here's a rundown of the names I've (my Twitter name is @BMW, add me!) collected from KGW (and other Pacific Norhwest media), of course -- let me know who I've missed and I'll update this post:
  • @KGWNewschannel8 - general Twitter account for KGW (headlines, station news)
  • @TheSquare - producer account for Live at 7 show (show prep, notes, feedback)
  • @StephStricklen - anchor of KGW's Live at 7 (personal goings-ons, behind-the-scenes)
  • @Aweiss - mostly personal account of "Producer Aaron", freq. voice behind @TheSquare
  • @pdxpeacock - KGW anchor Joe Donlon
  • @lauralKGW - KGW anchor Laural Porter
  • @zaffino - KGW Chief Meteorologist Matt Zaffino (get it " Zaffino"?)
  • @burton_scott - KGW "Night Team" reporter Scott Burton
If you use TweetDeck (or similar?) you can toss the following query into a search box to follow the KGW-related conversation in one handy column:
KGW OR TheSquare OR StephStricklen OR AWeiss OR pdxpeacock OR OR lporter2009 OR zaffino or "burton_scott"

Other Northwest Media Twitter accounts you might find interesting to follow:Fans (or professionals) of broadcast journalism may also want to follow:...of course there are HUNDREDS more. What media-related or local outlets are considered "must-follow"? Drop your own list in the comments (or Twitter me, I'm @BMW) and I'll update the list with your suggestions.


Kelly said...

I follow:
@NewsHour (yes with Jim Lehrer!)

Those are my info firehose types. I hear virtually everything that way. (As well as all those KGW Tweeps, newly minted or otherwise!)

Kathleen McDade said...

I <3 @maddow, @willatwork (maddow's producer), and @shuster1600 (MSNBC's David Shuster). Oh, and there's always @ricksanchezcnn.

johnflurry said...

There is also:

Thanks, @johnflurry