Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Microsoft Store meets Johnny Rockets -- Awful Dancing Ensues

If you've been following Microsoft's launch of retail stores, you'll know they're taking a page out of the Apple playbook and opening locations in shopping malls across the country. This one, at Mission Viejo, apparently has a thing for Black Eyed Peas.

Note the customers apparent apathy. Also, at 2:14 (from one of the YouTube commenters), check out the girl in the white shirt shoplifting.

And we thought the Windows Launch Party videos made Microsoft look bad. Doh!!


(H/T CrunchGear via. TechFlash)

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Unknown said...

Times are tough and unemployment is rampant... yet I think I'd take unemployment over having to work there if piss poor and pointless dance routines are part of the daily norm. Perhaps it's Microsoft's take on the Japanese midday work exercise regimen?