Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome President Obama to #SMCSEA Aug 17?

11 AUG 2010 UPDATE: I wish I could say it was to accomodate POTUS' travel schedule, but really, I can't. Regardless, the 17 August 2010 Social Media Club Seattle event has MOVED! Now at Bell Harbor Conference Center Rooftop. If you didn't get a ticket, let me know... I may be able to hook you up on my guest list. (shh!!)

Earlier this afternoon I read a Seattle Times blurb about an August 17th visit by the Commander In Chief to Seattle. Officially, the article reads, President Obama is planning to speak about the economy and help raise funds for Senator Patty Murray's re-election bid against Dino Rossi.


And whenever a sitting President comes to town, I'm always asked to attend... (uhh, ya... right, no.) See August 17th is also the night of the next Social Media Club Seattle event... So... I did what any resourceful person would do: Iinvited the President of the United States of America to the Seattle Geek Week edition of SMC Seattle's monthly event.

Join the Faecbook Group!!In "it's 2010 and this is how we do things" fashion, I even created a Facebook group. Remember, it worked for getting Betty White to host SNL.

What are the chances the President wants to talk social media with one of the premiere organizations dedicated to the booming industry? Who knows. But it's worth a shot, ehh?

I'm even willing to personally spring for his ticket when they go on-sale next week.

For now, help me spread the word, ehh?

UPDATE: Thanks to TechFlash for giving this effort some attention. Check out their coverage of my campaign to invite President Obama to Social Media Club Seattle's August event, and Seattle Geek Week. Thanks guys!

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