Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Google+ Gets Updates, Now Open

Noting the nearly three months since Google+ hit the web, the tech giant announced improvements (nine to be exact) to the social networking site competing with Facebook.

Google+, at approx. 10 million users according to some reports, http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifhas a fraction of the traffic of the more-established Facebook at 750+ million users. That hasn't stopped Google from devoting massive resources to the project.

Today's announcement brings, among other improvements: enhanced features for Hangouts (Google+'s group video chat product), the launch of a Hangouts developer API for creating apps and interfaces, as well as the news that invitations are no longer required.

Much to the dismay of many loyal Google users (including myself), they did NOT release support for Google Apps accounts-- the custom "bring your own domain" solution for companies, small businesses and power users with their own branded presence online.

Also notably missing from today's launch is the much-anticipated business profiles feature allowing those non-user accounts from businesses and brands to stake their outpost on the newest social network on the block.

Both features are said to be in testing now and are expected to be released soon.

Are you using Google+? Will these features impact your experience with the social network? What would you like to see added to Google+ next?

Check out Google+ for yourself (invites no longer required!): http://google.com/+

DISCLOSURE: Despite my best efforts, a family member working on the Google+ team coudn't, wouldn't and didn't share any information prior to today's announcement or influence coverage about this news. Maybe next time?

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