Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Live @ 7: Cybersecurity - 19 February 2013 (KGW-TV)

On Monday it was @BurgerKing. Today? @Jeep

Apple, Facebook, Twitter, major media outlets and even government agencies have admitted to being hacked. While some are pointing to the Chinese government, there’s a consensus that cybersecurity is a topic we’ll discussing for the foreseeable future.

Tonight, on The Square Live @ 7 w/Stephanie Stricklen, we tackled the topic:

No doubt it’s been a rough week for these brands on Twitter. While these calculated attacks targeted specific brands, they serve as an important reminder for everyone from major companies to individuals, that online security is an important topic.

To make matters, some might say, worse, MTV & sister-company BET got in on the action through an unfortunate PR stunt. The “fake” attack today following the Jeep compromise made light of the attack against Jeep & Burger King. One can certainly see the temptation–Jeep gained approximately 10,000 new followers (the account typically gets a few hundred per day according to twittercounter.com).

When I consult with major brands, we change the passwords often, use secure hard-to-guess codewords and remain cautious of who has those keys. If you are a brand and value your online reputation—take a look at your own strategy much as I’m confident Twitter is also doing.

This is certainly not a problem limited to major companies-- I advise even small businesses and individuals to have a security plan, one they review often, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If they’re NOT reviewing them today—they will (or SHOULD) be by tomorrow.

While we may not have the budgets of the Federal Gov’t or a fortune 500 company—nor, hopefully, the risk that goes along with it—there are definitely some simple things we can do to stay protected:

  1. change passwords often
  2. avoid common passwords
  3. don’t reuse passwords
  4. never share access information
  5. watch where you login
  6. have a security plan

What is your cybersecurity plan?


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