Friday, December 14, 2007

A Wii Bit Disappointed? Try These Alternatives

KXL Tech Expert Segment for 14 December 2007

Nintendo's Wii is by far this season's "must-have" video game console -- but getting your hands on the system is game itself. Fortunately there are alternatives and we talked about them on Portland's Morning news today, December 14, 2007.

First, why is the Wii so popular?

In my opinion? It's just that good. The folks at Nintendo hit it out of the park in designing a game console that makes gaming an interactive activity for the entire family. And we're not talking about previous generations' consoles that rely on sitting in front of the television shooting up the bad guys... The Wii will have you dancing, jumping, and bouncing in the living room. And sure, many of the same interactive titles are available on Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 -- there's a recipe for success that gives the Wii an advantage.

Now if you, like thousands of others are looking for a Wii - try these tips:
  • Look often. Try different times of the day, and call area stores often. They are getting consoles, you just have to be patient.
  • Look elsewhere. This one's going to require a low-tech approach: shopping online may leave you disappointed as Wii's are snatched up online in nanoseconds.
  • Wait until after Christmas. If you can wait you may have better luck getting a Wii when the holidays are over.
  • Look for sales. Often stores such as Target, Best Buy, etc. will save some consoles to have on-hand after ads hit Sunday morning. Arrive early, and again -- be patient.

Give up? Try an alternative!

Of course, you've read the gift-giving ideas on my annual Holiday Gadget Guide -- I've got one more gift idea for you: CLOCKY! This ingenious alarm clock leaps off the table and runs away from you forcing you to get out of bed to shut it off. No more hitting snooze and sleeping past that morning meeting! Buy the Clocky online here. Just think: You can get Clocky to wake you up early enough to beat the crowds and buy a Wii!

Listen to this report, originally broadcast on KXL-AM Friday December 14: kxl_techexpert-getawii&clocky_20071214.mp3 (MP3)
Happy Holidays!

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