Friday, March 7, 2008

Election 2008: Two Essential Sites

Tech Expert Segment for 07 March 2008

Regardless of which candidate you're supporting in the race for the White House this year -- there are two sites you should check out, we discussed both on Portland's Morning News today.

The first, is a must-visit resource for all things voting. A one-stop-shop for election data, the site slices and dices "data galore" in many views, maps and charts. Updated frequently, the information is invaluable and a favorite among the "election geeeks" that just can't get enough.

Want to know who your neighbors are supporting? Chances are, if they've contributed to a political campaign in excess of a few hundred bucks -- you'll find their name on That public campaign contribution data -- online and searchable! Go ahead, you know you want to... drop in a neighbors name, family members, or even your favorite celebrity -- find out just which candidate (or candidates!) they support.

No matter who your pick for the top spot is, you've got to register to vote. That's the goal of a handful of Northwest college students who developed the "Your Revolution" Facebook application. It makes finding information about voter registration simple and appeals to the youth vote. Check it out on

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