Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cheap Gas Prices: TomTom's 930 on KOMO 4 News

Today at 6pm KOMO 4 News took a look at a high-tech solution to finding the cheapest fill-up. The TomTom 930 helps users find the lowest gas prices -- join me for a demo. Click the video below to watch.

Product Details:

GO 930 GPS navigation system -- TomTom
“Portable navigation with gas prices”
TomTom’s latest portable GPS receiver simplifies making your way through an unfamiliar town – there’s only one thing easier. New features include intelligent routing based on time-of-day and historical data and an advanced lane guidance system showing what specific lane for those tricky highway merges. Make the most of your trip with a updated fuel price locator. Ask TomTom for the lowest price gas and the 930 will take you there. With new features and TomTom’s proven easy-to-use interface the only thing easier than getting around with the GO 930 is, well… a chauffeur. ($500, available here )

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