Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Upgrading for DTV? Recycle your old TV!

On February 17th 2009, as my regular listeners know, television stations across the country will convert their analog broadcast signals to a new higher-capacity digital spectrum. What this means to television viewers varies depending on how you receive programming, but for many, the conversion could leave you with a live view of what resembles a 24/7 snowstorm.

For many who watch over-the-air television, this means a new television. (Most, like one KXL staffer I spoke with yesterday, see it as a good excuse to upgrade even while a converter box might suffice.)

What do you do with your old set?

Most people don’t need to get rid of their existing television due to the switch to digital-only broadcasting, says Kathy Kiwala, manager of DEQ’s “Oregon E-Cycles” electronics waste program. For persons who choose to purchase a new digital TV and have an existing TV in working condition, there are several options:
  • Keep the old TV as a second TV for games, videos or DVDs
  • Give the old TV to a friend or donate it to a second-hand store.

According to the Department of Enviornmental Quality's press release, consumers who do choose to buy a new television set should visit the DEQ E-waste Web page at

For more ways to recycle electronics -- including unwanted computers -- check out my Earth Day Gadget Special that aired on KATU's AM Northwest:

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