Thursday, January 15, 2009

"The World's First WiFi Camera" ...err, not so fast guys!

Seems the guys over at are giving the new Sony Cybershot an unearned distinction:
Blame Sony for enabling your facebook-obsessed friends with the Cybershot DSC G3—the world’s first camera that can log on to the net.

While it's true this camera does come equipped with WiFi, and the phrase "logs on" is subject to some interpretation (do previous solutions "log on"?) -- there are other WiFi-equipped camera solutions: Try EyeFi ( to equip nearly any SD slot camera with wireless photo uploads (to Picasa, SmugMug, etc. etc.) or check out shutterbugs by Nikon, Canon, Kodak (and others) -- all capable of WiFi.

I recommend some qualification might be in order here guys. :)

"It’s set up primarily so you can upload photos to popular sites like picasa, facebook, shutterfly, photobucket, ect." (Sure, and that technology for cameras is over a year old... In fairness, the "log on" part appears to be somewhat unique. At the very least your headline is misleading.)

Otherwise it looks like a swell camera! (The $500 pricetag? Meh... EyeFi starts at eighty bucks.)


Unknown said...

Thanks for straighting us out! Glad you are reading the site.

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