Wednesday, January 14, 2009

CES Gadgets on The Square Live @ 7 w/Stephanie Stricklen (KGW-TV) The Square Logo

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HP Netbooks are award-winning solutions for business users and consumers alike. The new HP Mini 2140 starts at $500 and has lots of connectivity options -- video out, USB, an ExpressCard slot, even an SD card reader. The Vivienne Tam-designed digital clutch, also from HP, is touted as the world's first digital clutch. They're a bit of a premium at $699, hey... it matches Stephanie's outfit!

Docupen Scanneris a pen-sized color scanner capable of storing up to 100 pages. The gadget's barely larger than a pen, and perfect for taking notes or quick scanning. Grab one for $300 (

PrintStik PS900. Print your boarding pass from your hotel room, invoices in the field, or any other portable printing task with the grayscale "print stick". About the size of a paper towel core, it's thermal printing means no ink to mess around with. Load it up with paper and you're set. Print from a Bluetooth computer, phone, or other device. Take printing with you for $200 ( ).

A CES award-winner, Clickfree's line of backup solutions makes protecting your data foolproof. Plug it in, click "go" - the software's built-in to the device so it's simple to operate. Already got a hard drive you like? Use the $60 cable to upgrade your existing USB drive to a Clickfree backup solution. (

Speaking of HD video, Creative Labs brings high-definition video to a pocket-sized camera with the Vado HD. Simple integrated USB port and a 2x zoom, the camera is a compact on-the-go HD solution. They're $229 from and even cheaper on

Swann Security is well known for surviellance gear -- it's no wonder they'd be showing off a covert Pen Camera at CES. With 2GB of memory and a built-in USB port to download video -- even Bond would be envious. No price yet, but you'll be able to find them at soon.

The Scuba Series HD 320 snorkel mask has a forehead-positioned camera capable of high-defition video and great stills. They're not quite available yet, but check the announcement at

Web Bonus:

LG Solar Bluetooth Car Kit HFB-500 is a solar-powered speakerphone for your car. Suction cup the card-deck sized gadget to the inside of your windshield, pair to your phone, and enjoy handsfree calling. The HFB-500 uses solar-power so no need to run cables to your cigarette lighter. One hour of charge equals two hours of use. More info at

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