Thursday, May 28, 2009

BING: What it really means... Acronym definitions.

Fair warning - this post should be considered time-wasting and the reader is hereby warned of the extreme lack of value that will follow this disclaimer.

So I was thinking about Microsoft's Bing search, err... decision engine today and couldn't help but jumping on the "what does it really mean" bandwagon. Here are some of my ideas, I'm sure there are hundreds more. Vote for your favorites and if you have some of your own, by all means comment away.
  • BING: But it's not Google (source: Twitter)
  • BING: Ballmer: "I need Gates!"
  • BING: Because it's no good
  • BING: Betsy - I'm now gay
  • BING: Beautiful images no guts
  • BING: Booze is needed greatly
  • BING: Brian Is Now Goofy! (thanks: @marcusatmsft

I did warn this post would be a waste of your time. :-p


Unknown said...

Bet It's Not Great...
Bar Is Not Gone!

Anonymous said...

BING: Ballmer Intends No Googling
BING: Best Intentions No Googling