Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update: Fisher Stations Return to DISH Networks

Sometime in the veil of darkness, the months-long dispute between broadcaster Fisher Communications (owners of Portland-based KATU-TV and Seattle's KOMO-TV & KOMO Radio) and satellite provider DISH Network appears to worked itself out. graphicFlipping to the appropriate channel on your DISH Networks receiver, you'll find a return of ABC programming in respective markets. (I can't personally verify, but I'd guess Fisher smaller-market stations have also rejoined the satellite lineup.)

Is it a coincidence this move comes mere hours before the analog television signal shut-off that could leave Fisher customers with the clumsy step of needing a converter box for that one lone network not broadcast on DISH? The timing is quite suspicious. (Tonight is also the continuation of the NBA finals on ABC.)

If I had to guess, for what it's worth, Fisher couldn't risk losing more viewers.

Welcome back Fisher stations to DISH Networks! We missed you.

Disclosure: I have previously provided technology content for KATU's "AM Northwest" and KOMO's now-defunct "Northwest Afternoon" and KOMO 4 News as well as Fisher Interactive websites. I have no relationship with Fisher Communications at this time.

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