Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Comcast launches WiMAX service- Starting in PDX

The second of three planned WiMAX offerings launches today in Portland.

Riding the coattails of Clearwire's existing offering, Comcast Corp. will begin selling customers their own WiMAX service dubbed "High-Speed 2go" according to the company's press release. Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, "and more" to launch by year end.

Sprint Nextel Corp. spokespeople tell me their own (or for those keeping track, the 3rd way customers can buy essentially the same service running on the same network) offering will launch "soon".

I'm testing the Sprint 3G/4G dual-mode device now and will keep you posted.

From Comcast:
Comcast is selling two different data cards and service plans:

* Comcast High-Speed 2go Metro service uses a 4G-only data card giving customers the fastest wireless service within the 4G metro coverage area. The Metro device operates only in a 4G service footprint.
* Comcast High-Speed 2go Nationwide service delivers the fastest metro 4G service plus coast-to-coast access on Sprint’s national 3G network. The Nationwide device automatically switches between available 4G and 3G networks.

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