Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to School Tech on KGW-TV's The Square "Live at 7"

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It's time to send the rugrats back to school and young adults everywhere are leaving the nest and moving to campus. I recently took time away from Gnomedex 9 to jump on KGW's The Square "Live @ 7" to share some back to school tech tips.

First up, gadgets!

LiveScribe Digital Pen ($150+) – Amazon. Take notes with a digital pen, record voice annotations, and search the text you wrote and save for later. It's high-tech paper and pen!

Texas Instruments TI-89 Graphing Calculator ($140) – Amazon. The latest in graphing calculators from TI, the TI-89 is a must-have for back-to-school math. Plugs into your USB and even runs apps!

Griffin AirCurve Acoustic Amp for iPhone ($20) It's an amplifier without wires, cables, or batteries. Using acoustic molding and a clever tunnel of sound, the Aircurve jumps your volume up 10db. Perfect for iPhone!

Speck Products Laptop Backpack ($100) Use code "BMW25" for 25% all Speck Products. Get a stylish laptop bag that protects your new notebook!

Back-To-School Tips:

Computer essentials:
  • Focus on RAM, screen, keyboard
  • Battery Life critical
  • Storage doesn’t matter, but…
  • Portability does

Mac vs. PC?
  • Personal preference
  • Coursework may determine
  • windows 7 Coming soon

Tech dorm essentials
  • Plenty of spares!
  • Ink cartridges
  • Media
  • Extra power supply, batteries, etc.
  • Extra cables
  • Backup plans

Helpful Back-to-School Websites: – rent textbooks like netflix, save money! -- capture notes, comments, clips on your phone or web -- Curriculum Wiki, perfect for educators and parents to help students

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