Monday, May 14, 2007

Suggestion - Google Maps: "Take a Walk"

It's Monday and beautiful outside.

I found myself longing for coffee from a particular Starbucks (Second & Seneca) while at Century Square (1501 4th Avenue). I plotted these two addresses into Google Maps and it dutifully gave me the quickest route between the two locations. Thing is, while I have a car here and *could* drive, that'd be rather silly. (see above weather report)

So rather than the 0.7 miles from origin (Century Square) to destination (Starbucks), I was cleverly able to reduce the walking distance estimate to 0.5 miles by simply clicking "Get reverse directions". (I'll walk backwards and save two tenths of a mile). As you can see on the map screenshot below, the most direct path (assuming I can't cut through any buildings, etc.) would be to travel on 4th for three blocks and Seneca for two.

Now, I suspect the demands for Google Foot Maps is likely quite low... a temporary workaround might be maps that ignore one-way streets (that don't obviously apply to the sneaker lanes). Obviously with vehicle-centric directions, the one-way streets rules are critical!

walking map of downtown seattle - click for google maps

How about it, Google? Want to take a walk? Anyone have any good sites that provide walking directions / distances -- if so, post to the comments! (I think I saw a good site for NYC that included Subway, etc. but can't recall the site (and/or be bothered to look)).

As for me? I spent the few spare minutes in my schedule writing this blog post -- I'll have to settle for the Starbucks in the building instead. Sorry Joe Jo, I'll get that grande iced soy mocha no-whip another time!


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Unknown said...

Ideally the walking site would also restate estimated travel time, perhaps at both a leisurely and fast pace.