Thursday, May 31, 2007

Top-10 Spammer Arrested in Seattle

'Spam King', 27-year old Robert Soloway, was arrested Wednesday at his Seattle waterfront apartment on allegations he sent perhaps as many as tens of billions of illegal unsolicited email -- the Inbox-cluttering junk mail known as "spam".

According to The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, this is not the first time the 'Spam King' has been in trouble.
In 2005, Microsoft won a $7 million judgment against Soloway, after it sued him over spam sent through Microsoft's MSN and Hotmail services. Later that year, an Internet service provider in Oklahoma won a $10 million judgment against him in a spam-related lawsuit.

(Seattle P-I)

What can you do to protect yourself from Spam?
  • Use anti-spam filters and enable junk-mail folders in your email program.
  • Be careful who you give your internet address to -- use a 'disposable' (i.e. Hotmail, or Gmail) address for contests and questionable sites.
  • Don't click on links in Spam or download images (this tells spammers that the address goes to someone that looks at the email, only making your address more valuable).
  • Avoid placing your email address on websites as a mailto: link (these addresses can be scraped off your website and added to a spam database). Instead, use a form or mask the address against robots.
  • Register your domain name to an alternate email address, or choose private registration from your registrar.
  • Forward copies of "unsolicited commercial email" (aka, "UCE", "spam") to the government anti-spam task force at: (Notice how this email is a link? If the spam robots capture *this* address, it'll just save me a step. ;-) )
  • Finally, NEVER EVER ... EVER ... click on attachments in emails from folks you do not know, or that may appear suspicious. That video clip, "amazing" screen saver, or other attachment is very likely a virus that can cause havoc -- including sending your email address book to -- you guessed it, spammers.

Maybe with all the time you'll save with less spam to delete, you can get out, enjoy the sunshine and make some new friends! ;-)

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