Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Google Maps Adds StreetView In Some Cities

Google has added a "Streetview" feature to its popular Maps product today. Launching first in five cities (San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Denver) with more promised, the feature allows users to take a 360-degree look from the street. It's the closest thing in mapping to actually being there.

Here's a video Google made to help show off the new feature (click to play):

I took it for a quick spin and found of my favorite spots in these cities. Here's my quick tour of the five cities available now -- feel free to add your own:

Where are your favorite destinations in these cities? Share!

Thanks to Google, I've just killed about 30 minutes browsing different places in these cities! Wouldn't be it cool if these were live? The entire USA mapped? Video? Live video of the entire world?

I also wonder if this would make for good news coverage... i.e. the aftermath of a hurricane, take a street-level drive through an area to show viewers just how things look. This is great stuff... enjoy!

Read more at the Google LatLong Blog

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