Friday, August 8, 2008

Tech for Tots - Kid-Friendly Gadgets

Today on the show I shared about a number of devices made specifically for the young set...

Smart Kid’s Party Fun Pack / UFO Interactive Games for Nintendo DS

Tired of chasing Mario aimlessly around the racetrack? Bored of the never-ending quest to save humanity from evil-doers everywhere? Looking for a game suitable for boys, girls and their siblings? UFO Interactive Games offers a simple, kid-friendly and rewarding game pack featuring 36 casual and skill-based mini-games for Nintendo’s portable game system. Pre-order now on

flyPhone and glowPhone / Firefly
“Pay-as-you-go wireless for kids”
With fun and easy-to-use phones perfect for the youngster, the pair of options from Firefly starts with the basic glowPhone (pink or black) for $50 that makes and receives phone calls (go figure, right?) using a pre-programmed (and PIN-protected) address book – and sports built-in games and wallpapers. For twice the price parents can equip their grade-schoolers with text messaging and MP3 playback in the flyPhone.

Firefly Mobile flyPhone | Firefly Mobile glowPhone

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