Thursday, June 3, 2010

KING5's New Day Northwest: Going Handfree Guide 3June2010 (KING-TV)

On June 10, Washington State will start enforcing driving while holding a mobile telephone as a PRIMARY offense. Previously you could be cited, but only if pulled over for another offense (speeding, burnt out tail light, etc.). The new law aims to reduce distracted-driving crashing...

Obviously the BEST solution is to talk when you're done driving... But if you need to stay connected while on the road, there are some technology solutions to make it safer.

Pairing your device via. Bluetooth is actually quite easy... most phones offer on-screen menus, and many manufacturers are offering step-by-step guides to make it simple. Of course your phone carrier's store is a good place to go if you need help (or to try on devices).

Devices are either handsfree headsets or in-car / portable wireless speakerphones. Of course sometimes the simplest solution is the wired headset your phone came with.... nothing to charge!

Some ideas....

(Originally broadcast on KING-TV's "New Day Northwest" with Margaret Larson on 3 June 20100)


Plantronics Discovery 975
  • Minimalist design, one-touch controls
  • Small charging case for triple talk-time
  • Sleek elegant design, great call quality

Plantronics Voyager Pro UC
  • Dual-purpose mobile phone and computer headset
  • Perfect for office / home-office and on-the-go
  • Clear wideband audio for crisp call quality and audio
  • Sturdy over-the-ear attachment

Jabra Go 6430
    Long-range wireless (good for around-the-house use)
  • Useful with mobile phone and computers (video chat, etc.)
  • Switch between a computer and mobile phone easily
  • Comes with travel charger and bluetooth adapter for older computers

Jabra Stone
  • Wraps around your ear, not on your face
  • More comfortable to carry
  • Easy to transport, toss in your bag / purse
  • Designed for right ear-wearing only

Jawbone Icon w/NoiseAssassin
  • Stylish, small headset available in six colors
  • Tank & helicopter technology provides noise-cancelling
  • Talks back to you (recharge me, incoming call, etc.)
  • Fun names such as "The Ace", "The Thinker", "The Bombshell"

Plantronics Explorer 395
  • Latest technology, easy to use with comfortable fit
  • Simple design with volume, power, call answer/end buttons
  • Affordable, solid quality headset for average users

Built-in Vehicle Solutions
  • Most new car vendors now offering Bluetooth speakerphone options
  • Cost varies, can be a few hundred with new cars, thousands to "retrofit"
  • Often has best call-quality- designed with car in mind
  • Integrates with car stereo, speakers, in-dash display
  • Some phones are more / less compatible, check with dealer

BlueAnt S4 Wireless Speakerphone
  • Voice-activated wireless speakerphone (speak "BlueAnt Speak To Me")
  • Clips to visor (no installation costs)
    • Incoming text messages are read using Vlingo SafeReader
    • Bing-optimized (movie times, stock quotes, weather, and more)

    Scochse: solCHAT Solar Speakerphone
    • Announces calls as they come in for hands-free driving
    • Features a simple three button design and automatic, user-friendly cell phone pairing
    • Comes with a USB charging cable and car adapter charging at night and on SEATTLE days
    • Includes a windshield suction cup mount and sun visor clip for easy operation and solar charging

    If you have questions, or need more information... hit me up on Twitter: @BMW or send me an email (listed above).

    Thanks for watching!
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    Emma Jasmine said...

    Bluetooth Headsets is the best technology that helps to reduce accidents while driving. You have shared a lot of Bluetooth headsets of different brands with their features. As I used Jabra and Plantronics Headsets but the most satisfying the Plantronics one because it provides better quality than other brands at reasonable prices. The model which I am now using is Plantronics CS540 it is wireless headsets and good sound.