Friday, June 6, 2008

Gadgets for Dads & Grads

With Father's Day coming up on June 15, and Graduations dominating the month of June, it seems appropriate to take a look at gifts for both late-Spring gifting occasions (feel free to repurpose these as wedding gifts as well!).

Passport Elite - Western Digital
"Pocket-sized USB hard drive great for backups"
I'm a big fan of these pocket-sized drive. I first discovered the 160GB version at my local Warehouse store and instantly found plenty of uses: backup, photo archival, and transfering large files. They're now up to twice the capacity, hover around the $100 mark -- and are now available in a dozen brilliant colors. They make a perfect gift for any photographer, digital videographer, or computer user looking for an easy backup solution (and who doesn't need a good backup solution!). ($130,

Exilim EX-S10 digital camera – Casio
"Slim camera takes YouTube videos"
I've been a fan of Casio's digital Exilim's card-sized digital cameras for some time, owning a handful of different models. The latest generation, the EX-S10, sports a handy YouTube video mode – and makes sharing video clips a breeze. With a super-slim design this digital camera will find its way into any pocket or purse, guaranteeing you'll always have it handy to capture those moments. ($250,

High Definition DVD Handycam (HDR-UX20) -- Sony
“HD camcorder recognizes faces”
Sony knocks one out of the park with a lineup of new high definition camcorders. Available with hard drives (look ma, no tape!) or small DVD discs, the newest Handycams are packed with high-tech features. A face detection mode spots up to eight faces while capturing video or taking photos and optimizes your skin tone. With high-power zoom and full high definition quality – your child’s home run never looked so good! ($990, SonyStyle stores or online)

Nike + iPod Sports Kit
"Track your summer run outdoors"
The two-part kit (a transmitter for your shoelaces, a receiver that plugs into your iPod Nano) monitors your pace, time, distance -- even calories burned -- and then uploads this information online to track your progress. It works with any iPod Nano and the online site allows you to challenge your workout buddies to a virtual race. ($29, Apple stores or

TravelSound i50 Portable Speakers -- Creative
“Small speaker with big sound”
Snap your iPod Shuffle on top and clip these portable speakers to your beach bag. Be prepared for a surprisingly big sound from tiny battery-powered speakers! It’ll charge your Shuffle with either the included power adapter or a USB cable, but sadly, doesn’t double as a dock. ($50,

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