Thursday, April 16, 2009

DirecTV & Comcast Fined for Calling "Do Not Call" Customers

Comcast and DirecTV are in trouble with the FCC for calling customers after they'd been added to the "Do Not Call List". Umm, I'm no genius, but isn't that the exact POINT of the Do Not Call List?

Apparently the FCC agrees.

PC World has more from the "DOH!" files:
"The illegal calls consisted entirely of prerecorded messages in which consumers were told that "from time to time [DIRECTV] extend[s] exciting offers to our loyal customers like you, but because you are on the DIRECTV Do Not Call List, we are not able to contact you for these exciting offers." The message then told call recipients to "press one" to remove their numbers from the company's Do Not Call list."

What do you think of the "Do Not Call List"... effective? A waste of effort? Are you on the Federal Do Not Call registry?

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