Monday, April 27, 2009

Wearable HD: VholdR Launches ContourHD, Avail. Soon

My Seattle-based friends at VholdR have launched their second wearable camcorder, the ContourHD just in time for Summer outdoor sports!

The ContourHD high-definition upgrade to the action-sports wearable camera I featured on KOMO-TV's Northwest Afternoon after CES 2008. The new version sports 720p 30fps or standard-definition 'high action' 60fps (TV, as you know, is 30fps) video, up to 16GB memory MicroSD memory cards for longer recording, and maintains the simple slide-to-start/slide-to-stop ease that made the original popular with the action sports community.

Add to the high definition camera an online community for sharing videos, VholdR has a recipe for success in this troubled economy.

“ContourHD is the perfect camcorder for the weekend warrior in your life who is skiing, boarding, mountain biking, or even riding a motorcycle,” Marc Barros, VholdR’s CEO explaisn. “ContourHD and our Easy Edit software are making HD action video easy to shoot and share online in seconds.”

The ContourHD will be available from REI,, on and action sports retailers nationwide. Suggested price: $299. For a list of locations accepting pre-orders, visit

I spoke with CEO Marc Barros earlier this morning. He tells me he's excited to get away from his desk now that the new camera has launched. Congratulations Marc and the entire VholdR team on an exciting launch!

CountourHD Features (from VholdR Press Release):

2 Video Settings
High Definition: Fill your screen with vivid, widescreen (16:9) action video. With a full 1280x720 (pixels) window and 30 frames per second, your videos will be just how you remember them, big and awesome!

High Action: Ideal for making the fastest adventure sports appear as smooth as butter. Recording standard definition video at 60 frames per second (twice as many frames as TV quality video) you won’t miss any of the action.

Record over 8 Hours of HD Video
ContourHD can record up to 8 hours of HD quality video or 16 hours of SD quality video to an internal microSD memory card (compatible up to a 16GB memory card). Powered by a removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this robust camera recharges through a USB cable connected directly to your computer.

Wide Angle Lens:
At 135 degrees, the new ContourHD lens strikes the perfect balance in capturing the entire scene without over-distorting the video.

Wearable Anywhere
Patent-pending TRailTM Mounts “slide and lock” ContourHD onto a series of different mounts for your goggle, helmet, handlebar, vehicle, or anywhere else you want to mount it. Wear HD video on more than just your head.

One Button Simplicity
ContourHD’s operation couldn’t be simpler with a single oversized record switch (to be operated even with a pair of gloves on) and click to share software.

Laser Alignment
Two lasers and a 192o rotating lens ensure you line up the shot every time. Turn on the lasers and rotate the front lens until the two laser points are horizontally aligned.

Armored Body
A water-resistant camera for all seasons its light (4 ounces/116 grams) anodized aluminum body withstands dust, dirt, mud, and snow.

Easy Edit Mac and PC Software
Easy Edit™ software (Mac and PC compatible) makes it automatic to import your videos from the camera, clip out the best parts, and share them to


Anonymous said...

I went to the website and saw the new video from the ContourHD it looks sick. So I had to order it. Check it out at And the ContourHD is now featured on CNET.
Thanks for the heads up!

Cameron Newland said...

Typo: explaisn=explains.

madoxgagliardi said...

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