Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Hosting An Award Show!

Joining the ranks of Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Crystal and Jon Stewart, I'm hosting an awards show! The 6th Annual IT Executives of the Year Awards will take place during InnoTechPDX on April 23rd in Portland.

My objectives for this awards show are are follows:
  1. Entertain: Make one person laugh.
  2. Present the awards.
  3. Keep it moving (nobody likes 4.5 hour shows).
  4. To Not Suck. Much?
The presentation and reception is open to all InnoTech participants. Unfortunately, I can't tell you where, specifically, inside the Oregon Convention Center it's at since I don't even know yet... (I suppose if youfind me, you'll find the awards?)

Who knows, maybe you'll even WIN! :-P

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