Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tech Check for 12 Feb: Zuneless V-Days, Best Buy & Netflix Pick Blu-Ray

Microsoft apologies for spoiling some Valentine's Day gifts while both Netflix and Best Buy jump on the Blu-Ray bandwagon... on today's Tech Check for Tuesday February 12, 2008.

Microsoft's Zune Originals team has preemptively apologized for leaving some planning to give the company's tune player... well, Zuneless. According to the statement due to a fulfillment center hiccup, some deliveries due before the February 14th holiday will arrive a few days late. Those affected will receive a complete refund of the purchase price and shipping. The credit will buy quite a bundle of roses.

Remember that high-definition debate? You know the one between Blu-Ray and HD DVD formats? In the latest blow to Toshiba-backed HD DVD, both Netflix (Monday) and Best Buy (today) endorsed the competitor format, backed by Sony and others -- Blu-Ray. Netflix has said they will only ship Blu-Ray discs to rent-by-mail customers. Best Buy is commiting to "recommend" Blu-Ray movies and related hardware. You might recall in the days leading up to CES I reported that Warner Bros. became the fourth of a mounting number of studios to solely support Blu Ray. HD DVD seems to be on a lifeline as Blu Ray sets to dominate the latest format debate.

That's today's Tech Check... I'll be back tomorrow with more of the news and noteworthy from the world of technology.

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