Friday, February 15, 2008

"Technology in the Garden" -- Today on KATU's AM Northwest

Friday on KATU (Portland, Ch. 2) I demonstrated gadgets for your garden during a live remote at the 2008 Yard Garden and Patio show at the Oregon Convention Center. Here's a run-down of the featured products. Click the screen capture below to watch the video on
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Professional Weather Center (WMR200) – Oregon Scientific
Check the latest backyard weather from 100 yards away with this convenient Weather Center from Oregon Scientific. More than 10 measurements give you the exact time, indoor / outdoor temperature as well as wind and rain details and more! Comes with software to download historic weather details to your computer. A must-have for the amateur meteorologist or serious gardener!
Price: $400

WeatherNow with MSN® Direct Service (WMS801) – Oregon Scientific
Plug in the WeatherNow desktop display and weather data is transmitted automatically over the air. All the basic conditions and a 3-day forecast in addition to weather warnings are displayed. Dreaming of a warmer climate? Simply program to receive weather updates from a tropical climate!
Price: $150

Personal UV Monitor with Exposure Timer (UV888) – Oregon Scientific
Prevent prolonged skin exposure to harmful UV rays while working in the garden – or any outdoor activity. Alongside current UV levels and temperature, the monitor calculates how long you can stay outside given current UV index, your skin type and the SPF being used. It will alarm you before you become a tomato, but it won't put sunscreen on your back.
Price: $20

Rain Gauge with Outdoor Thermometer and 9-day Memory (RGR126) – Oregon Scientific
Just how much does it rain in Portland? Keep track with this outdoor rain gauge. Perfect for knowing how much to water your lawn and garden, it remembers over a week of precipitation amounts. In case you're wondering, the rain cup self-empties for your convenience. (For those who want to monitor the rain, not get soaked in it.)
Price: $50

Waterproof iPod Speakers (IceBar2) – Atlantic EGO
Perfect for splashing around in the pool, a garden pond, even gardening out in the liquid sunshine, these speakers don't mind getting wet. Available for a variety of iPod models, the latest works with all three Nanon generations. They've even been spotted in the showers of aspiring singers!
Price: $80 (Coming April '08, many ipod models available online now)

Ladybug iPod Speakers – VestaLife
These speakers look like a ladybug and sound great. Launched at the 2008 CES and Macworld, these speakers operate on battery or the included AC adapter and support most iPods with a dock connector. It's rare for portable speakers to include auxiliary jacks, but these speakers have 'em all: AUX in, AV Out, even a USB port to sync with your computer. At $110 for the red and silver models, there's a series of limited-edition designs by Element Skateboard's artists for $125.
Versions: Red / Silver ($110), limited edition designs ($125)
Available: 1st Quarter 2008

Retaining wall speaker (RisiSound) and light (RisiLight) – RisiStone
If you're building a retaining wall or pathway through your garden – don't forget to include permiter lighting and unobtrusive speakers! These innovative stones have built-in lights and speakers and look great. Ask your contractor or the guys at Mutual Materials ( for details.
Price: RisiSound - $175, RisiLight - $140
Details: or

Solar-powered post light
Light up hard-to-reach pathways with solar-powered post light.
Price: $12

Better Homes and Gardens Landscaping and Deck Designer software
Put your dreams to the test with garden and landscaping design software from Better Homes and Gardens and by Chief Architect. Visualize garden designs, scope out deck possibilities or build the ultimate dream backyard – with the click of a mouse. Warning: Set your project's budget before using this software or your dreams make take over!
Price: $70

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