Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tech Check for 20 Feb: Community Gaming, Cheaper Shuffles, Boycotting Auctions

Microsof announces community gaming at Game Developer's Conference, Apple slashes Shuffle price, and Ebay sellers boycott over fees and feedback... today's Tech check for 20 Feb 2008.

Microsoft is putting you in charge. Tentatively called the Xbox Live Community, the objective is to let user's submit their games for community review. Once the pass the peer test, they're made available for other users. Think Ebay meets Youtube in the gaming world... watch for more from the 2008 Game Developers Conference this week in San Francisco. (Check out Evan Ackerman's 2008 GDC coverage at, including this kick-off report from today's keynote.)

Apple yesterday announced a new smaller price for their smallest iPod -- a mere $49. The iPod Shuffle 1G which holds about 240 songs and does not contain a screen drops $30 and gains a big brother with a 2G version, expected later this month, for $69. Find colors, details and order yours here.

This week many Ebay sellers have agreed to neither post nor purchase on the popular auction site. KOMO-TV has the story. Will this have any effect on the auction site? Will buyers and sellers flock to alternatives?

Stay tuned for more tomorrow... on Tech Check.

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