Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tech Check for 26 Feb: MacBook Updates, Google Chatback, Hotmail Outage

The MacBook and it's bigger brother get a boost today, Microsoft Windows Live services take a mid-day siesta and Google Talk goes micro on Tech Check for 26 Feb 2008.

Apple launched updates to its MacBook and MacBook Pro lines today. Adding 802.11n (faster WiFi), faster Core 2 Duo processors and larger storage are among the features. Jump on over to the online Apple Store to learn more.

Throughout much of the day users of Microsoft's Windows Live Services experienced outages. Users of Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger -- along with other online applications -- found themselves unable to access mail and instant message tools today. The new Windows Server 2008 operating system, which runs the services and launches to the public tomorrow, is said to not be at fault.

Finally to round out what is apparently a look at the big three today, Google launched a micro version of its Google Talk Gadget. Called "Chatback" it allows website developers to place a small bit of code on a web page enabling users to interact with the site creator via. Google Talk. Google's Official Blog has more on the enhancement.

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