Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tech Check for 21 Feb: Microsoft Opens Up, Hackers Localize, and Unlimited Mobile Plans

Microsoft releases previously closely-held secrets, hackers want linguists, and mobile phone providers match Verizon's unlimited mobile phone plan today on Tech Check for 21 Feb 2008.

Microsoft announced earlier today plans to release details of application programming interface (API) software. The deal, met with skepticism from open source advocates and an anti-trust aware European Union, has Microsoft sharing previously tight-knit secrets to help developers interface with their software. Open source advocates are concerned the announcement doesn't go far enough. Meanwhile, the EU is cautiously optimistic.

Know a foreign languauge? Good at software development? A recent AP story describes the latest efforts among hackers and virus writers to recruit foreign language skills to target specific countries. Applications being accepted now.

Finally in the news -- how about an unlimited mobile phone plan? AT&T and T-Mobile have matched a previous Verizon announcement launching a frenzy of unlimited mobile plans. Fairly soon, anyone paying more than $100 for monthly cell phone service will be paying too much.

That's your look at tech news for Thursday... more tomorrow on Tech Check.

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