Monday, February 18, 2008

Tech Check for 18 Feb: BluRay Wins, Free Coupons and Books

BluRay scores a decisive victory against rival HD DVD, digital converter box coupons head to consumers, and digital book download proves successful... on Tech Check for Monday February 18, 2008.

Hallelujiah! These words being chanted in the hallways of Sony Corp. offices today. After nearly two years of competing and incompatible standards, Toshiba appears ready to give up on the fledgling HD DVD format. BluRay, backed by Sony and available in the company's Playstation 3 console, has won the support of most major studios and retail giants WalMart, Best Buy as well as rental partners Blockbuster and NetFlix. An announcement is expected from Toshiba tomorrow.

For those with outdated analog televisions, help is on the way. Coupons are in the mail for those who can't receive digital broadcasts, the only way to receive over-the-air television after a 17 Feb 2009 conversion date. We talked about the transition on Portland's Morning News on the 15 Feb show (listen: mp3). If you need more information, or to request your coupons valued at $40 toward the purchase of a converter box, visit

Finally today, Oprah's golden touch transcends print books. After being made available on The Oprah Winfrey Show website, over 1 Million copies of Suze Orman's "Women & Money" have been downloaded. Does this prove digital downloads can be profitable? Will this affect future releases of books, movies, and music on the Internet?

Check back for another week of the latest tech news and information here on Tech Check!

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